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Become the Master of Your Kitchen with GreenFridge: The Ultimate Kitchen Assistant App

Are you tired of staring into an empty fridge and not knowing what to make for dinner? Say goodbye to food waste and hello to delicious, easy-to-prepare meals with GreenFridge. Our app is the ultimate kitchen companion for anyone looking to take control of their cooking. With GreenFridge, you can easily keep track of what's in your fridge, pantry and freezer, and find recipes that match your ingredients. You can even search for recipes by entering a few ingredients you have in your kitchen.

No more boring meals or wasted groceries. GreenFridge makes cooking fun, easy and affordable. Download now and join the GreenFridge community of young and savvy cooks who are always one step ahead in the kitchen.


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GreenFridge offers a solution to the everyday kitchen dilemmas, such as:

What's in my fridge?

What can I make with it?

What do I need to buy?

Our mission

Goodbye to food waste and hello to conscious consumption

According to our representative research, food waste affects 1.7 million people in Hungary, and 1.3 million people are also bothered by food waste.* The main causes of waste are poor kitchen inventory management, overbuying and throwing away leftovers. Our goal is to make managing household supplies easier by providing solutions to these basic problems through the GreenFridge application.

*Source: nrc representative research, 2022


Our philosophy

We at GreenFridge believe that responsible consumption and efficient household management are crucial for both economic and environmental reasons. It is the key for a sustainable future. That is why we have developed the GreenFridge app to make it easy for people to keep track of their kitchen inventory, find new recipes and plan their grocery shopping in an eco-friendly way. We want to help people make conscious choices, reduce their food waste, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Viktoria Bodnár


A master of ideas

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Angel investor

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